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To have and to hold and to give

Two weeks ago I wrote a few words about a good man, Bishop Edward Daly who went to the Lord on August 8th. In recent days there has been an appreciation of his life published on the website of the Association of Catholic Priests, ACP, the forum of Irish priests that has been a voice for reform within the Irish Church. Written by Fr. Paddy O’Kane, who knew Edward Daly, his words reflect on the many facets of his life, a well-rounded man in his appreciation of others.

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Courageous outlook needed to tackle the clergy shortage crisis

Courageous outlook needed to tackle the clergy shortage crisis

From the Catholic Times

The Film - Spotlight

It is 2002 and the Spotlight team at the Boston Globe has picked up a story about sexual abuse in the church. The problem is that no-one is willing to talk and the few leads they had led to nowhere. Evidence has been erased and mouths are tightly shut.

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St Pope John Paul II

Hundreds of letters and photographs that tell the story of Pope John Paul II's close relationship with a married woman, which lasted more than 30 years, have been shown to the BBC. Watch Panorama

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The letters to Polish-born American philosopher Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka had been kept away from public view in the National Library of Poland for years.
The documents reveal a rarely seen side of the pontiff, who died in 2005.

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29 December 2015 | by Liz Dodd

THE BISHOPS’ Conference of England and Wales rejected calls to ordain married men and permit services of General Absolution during a private session of its November plenary meeting.

At that meeting in Leeds a majority did not back a motion by the Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle, Seamus Cunningham, to support the ordination of married men.

The discussion, which was reported in the Northern Cross, the diocesan newspaper for Hexham and Newcastle, took place during a closed session of the plenary meeting. Topics for these sessions are not noted on the public agenda and the outcome is not made public with the objective of allowing bishops to speak freely. 

Bishop Cunningham told his diocesan Council of Priests, who had asked him to raise the issue of married priests, that the bishops had a “calm and thoughtful” discussion about the tradition of the Church, the nature of sacrifice and celibacy, as well as the positive contribution of married priests. Following this the general consensus was “to maintain the traditional teaching of the Church for a celibate priesthood”, he said.


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