AGM Minutes for 19th October 2002

NOTES ON ADVENT A.G.M. Saturday 19 October 2002
at The Masterson Room, St Chad's Cathedral,

Covering letter from Mike Hyland & Joe Mulrooney

The Trout Hostelry,
15"'. November, 2002.

To whom it may concern,

Mike Hyland

Email from Anthony Padovano to Heinz-Jurgen Vogels

T-Onflne eMai~

Absender:    Theresa & Anthony Padovano <This email address is being protected from

Full response from Mike Hyland & Joe Mulrooney to Heinz-J Vogels

Mike Hyland Joe Mulrooney
On behalf of Advent Group, England.
15th• November, 2002.


Letter to Mike Hyland from Heinz J Vogels

Dr. Heinz-Jurgen Vogels
D-53 347    
Alfter, 8. November 2002 Buschhovener Str. 30

Mike Hyland